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Founder Introduction

Seo Gap-ho, who moved to Japan in 1929 at the age of 14, founded and operated major textile companies such as SaKamoto Spinning Co., Ltd. and Hitachi Spinning Co., Ltd. and was once the leading businessman in income tax in Japan.

As a strong patriot, he became the first overseas Korean to invest a large amount of foreign capital in his home country in 1963 to establish Pangrim Spinning Co., Ltd. in line with Korea's economic development plan.
In 1973, the company established additional Yoonsung spinning in Gumi and made a remarkable contribution to the development of the Korean textile industry and strengthening the foundation of export and import countries.
For education, the Geumgang Education Foundation was established and donated to Korea. In 1973, Dongmyeong Commercial High School was established to provide free education opportunities for workers in need, which opened the door for industry-academic cooperation.

In November 1962, he donated the site of the South Korean Embassy in Japan (located in the gist of Tokyo), showing a special love for his homeland.
In recognition of his true patriotism and great contribution to the development of the Korean economy, the government awarded the Dongtap Order of Industrial Merit and the Peony Order of the People.
Upon his death, the government honored him with the National Medal of Merit Camellia.

In retrospect, the late CEO Seo Gap-ho was an outstanding businessman who devoted his life only to the home country through the textile industry and a philanthropist who devoted himself to the education of the second generation.