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Tencel is a 100% natural fiber material made
by collecting only natural cellulose from the high-quality
wood pulp through strict standards, and Tencel, which
biodegrades 100% into nature without emitting any harmful
substances during manufacturing, is more environmentally
friendly than other synthetic fibers. Tencel has all of
the advantages of the fiber that consumers want,
like the comfort of cotton, the durability of polyester,
the flexibility of viscose rayon, soft texture like silk
and natural silhouette, etc. Besides,
it is a luxurious and water washable material.

By blocking UV U.V.B waves (medium wave) 290-320 nm harmful
to the human body, it prevents darkening, aging, wrinkles and
dermatitis, and skin cancer. So,it’s a hygienic and healthy material.

“Cleansol” finishing maintains a hygienic and clean life
by suppressing the reproduction of harmful microorganisms
with antibacterial and anti-odor functions. It is suitable for
sanitary clothing, bedding products, and home-interior.

Elaston is a stretch fabric without using Polyurethane.
It has better stretch, recovery, and it is lighter, more
comfortable, and durable than those made of Polyurethane.

Polygiene is a technology developed by Sweden
that uses the antibacterial feature of silver ions (AgCl).
Polygiene is a finishing technology that has been recognized
for safety by the global market as a product. Because,
it is based on silver salt (AgCl), not silver nano which
has the controversy over its harmfulness.

PRIBANG is our brand name for the product produced through
strict quality control with advanced technologies and
facilities in various materials such as Cotton, Polyester,
Nylon, Rayon, Acryl, Polyester/Cotton.
It is also made in various designs and elegant colors with
excellent durability and high colorfastness.

This finishing gives luxurious gloss,
comfortable wearability and paper-like hand feel to fabric
by padding polysilicon and special resin.

This eco-friendly "Waterless Solution Dyed Polyester"
material is a groundbreaking product that drastically reduces
water, chemical, energy usage, and CO2 emissions compared to
existing conventional dyeing. By mixing COLOR MASTER BATCH
with recycled polyester at the stage of heat extrusion,
it also features excellent colorfastness and consistency.

Coolmax is the original moisture management material made
of polyester. Four hollow channels were created during spinning
to have a larger surface area than normal Polyester.
This 4-channel structure helps move moisture away from the skin,
helping keep people cool and comfortably dry at all times.

Organic cotton is grown without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the fields where those chemicals have not been used for more than three years. So, it is a material produced in an eco-friendly way.

Duotex is a double weave fabric which is heavy and thick
than other normal material. It has high durability and helps people keep warm. From these features,
Duotex fabric can replace bonding fabric too.

Cotton Gold is a cotton fabric finished with enzyme bio
and special resin. This fabric has a very soft hand feel.
So, it can give comfortable wearability.

It is a wrinkle-resistant fabric developed with special chemical
and finishing technology in 100% Cotton. This non-Iron fabric is suitable
for pants with excellent shape stability, good D.P. grade (above 3),
and low formaldehyde content as features.

It has a Seersucker effect by ripple print procedure.
It gives a three-dimensional effect to fabric, adding a natural
and elegant look for clothing and interior uses.