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Ci & Logo

Sybol Mark (Emblem)

The company’s emblem is one of the most fundamental elements in
Corporate Identification System (CIS). The company’s emblem is one of
the most fundamental elements in Corporate Identification System (CIS).
It is a typical symbol of all visual communication methods representing
the company’s image inside out. The company’s emblem configures the
first English character “P” in PangRim Co., Ltd., symbolizing the
company’s pride as a global player and projecting the company’s vision
to enhance quality living through clothing.
To avoid the distortion of the emblem’s
shape, the emblem’s size should reach at least 10mm. Designed to secure
a uniform visual image, the company’s emblem is the core element that
instills identity into the organization and represents the company in its
communication with customers.

Logo Type

With its symbol mark, the logotype of PangRim Co., Ltd. is one of the key
elements in CIS used to mirror the company’s image using visual graphics.
The logotype design is composed of Korean and Chinese characters,
which are simple and clear. It uses round font to reflect harmony with the
image of the English logotype. The English logotype transformed the Eras
Bold font to match the company’s image accurately. Its size and space
were fixed, considering the harmony with the compay’s symbol mark. In
addition, capital and small letters were combined to give a sense of
softness and trustworthiness to the customers and to enhance legibility.
In principle, reproducing the logotype requires either the photoengraving
method (through the material reproducing the word marks in this manual)
or projection method (through slide film). When other methods are
unavoidably used, the provision regarding the proportion of logotype set
forth in this section shall be strictly followed.

Sub Color
  • Dark Blue

    pantone 296
    C90 M40 B70

  • Ivory

    pantone 296
    C90 M40 B70

  • Dark Gray

    pantone 432
    C10 B80

pantone 315
C90 M10 Y30 B20

  • Light Gray

    pantone 428

  • Silver

    pantone 296
    C90 M40 B70

  • Gold

    pantone 432
    C10 B80

Together with the symbol mark and logotype, corporate colors are one of the basic elements in the company’s CIS management. Thus, using accurate colors as prescribed is required. Corporate colors are intended to establish the company’s unique characteristics by representing its image with colors. Special colors, in principle, shall be used as corporate colors of PangRim Co., Ltd. Since printing with special colors is impossible in the case of the printing media such as newspapers, magazines, etc. (where the four-color process printing is adopted as basic printing method), however, the application of four-color process printing to corporate colors is permitted in accordance with the standards set forth in this section.