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Department NAME TEL
Sales Executive B.J. MOON 82-2-2085-2311
Sales team 1 Young Wook, Seo 82-2-2085-2351 Local,Overseas,General Manager
Sales team 1 Ja Jeon, Gu 82-2-2085-2355 Workwear,Domestic,Local military
Sales team 1 Jay, Suh 80-2-2085-2304 Local,Vender,Overseas
Sales team 1 Sang Ho, Park 82-2-2085-2308 Domestic market,Local
Sales team 1 Ji Seon, Kang 82-2-2085-2357 Domestic market,Local
Sales team 1 Mi Reu, Yim 82-2-2085-2340 Overseas military,Domestic,Local

Sales team 1 E-mail :